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JFK said on the 26th of Juli 1963, 'Ich bin ein Berliner', I am not a Berliner, 'Ich bin ein Hillegommer'.

imgLeft example I was born a sagittarius in Leiden academic hospital on 26 November 1973. My parents lived in an apartment in the centre of Hillegom, a small village in the centre of the Bollenstreek. My father earned his money in the flowers, just like my grandpa's used to do. Working in the flowers was the most common job in Hillegom and that's why Dutch flower bulbs are famous all over the world.

At a certain time, the apartment became to small for the family so my parents decided to move to the 3e Loosterweg. This was a small house at the edge of Hillegom, right in the middle of the bulb fields. I have lived there with my parents and my two brothers, Marcel and Marco for quite a long time and most of our childhood we played there football, building stubs in the haystacks, and played soldier in the bulb fields.

At the age of four I went to the Jozef school, a typical catholic school and we went to church for almost every weekend. My father played soccer at the football club Concordia so it was most common to follow him and my brother, and so I did. I played there soccer until the age of 18. After that season I decided to play soccer with a couple of my friends who had a team at football club Lisse. After playing soccer at fc Lisse for quite a while we established a football team at vv Hillegom, and until now, we play there soccer every Saturday afternoon. We also decided to play squash with a couple of lads, because most team members were to weak to train for soccer when the temperature went below 10 degrees Celsius.

At the age of twenty-four I graduated "With complements" for my Bachelor degree of Science in electronics and started to work in 1997 at Unisource Business Networks in The Hague. I was responsible for development of internet services like mail, domain, proxy caching and news services. In 1999 I went to KPN and got involved with the design wide area networks and my worked shifted more and more towards network infrastructures and internet security. Until now I spend my work with designing internet security services and network infrastructures and I live my life with Germaine in our house at the burgemeesterkwartier in Hillegom.


Football, squash, skating (when there is ice off course), gardening, walking in the woods, listen and playing music, growing to the pub with the lads, playing guitar, watching movies, more...

Favourite album ever: Rolling Stones - Exile On Main Street

Favourite music: Metallica, Sacred Reigh, Sepultura, Slayer, The Rolling Stones, U2, REM, Coldplay, Radiohead, Placebo, Muse, Golden Earrings, Guy Forsyth, Queen, the Stray Cats, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble, Jimmy Hendrix, Bob Dylan, Neil Young.

Favourite movie ever: The good, the bad and the ugly.

Favourite movies: All westerns from Clint Eastwood, Once upon a time in the west, The Godfather trilogy, the Matrix trilogy, The usual suspects, the Dear hunter, One flew over the Cuckoo's nest, the butterfly effect, more...

Favourite book ever: The Day After Tomorrow by Allen R. Folsom.

And not the one of the millions trapped in the icy depths of a frozen New York City.

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