Costa Rica 2006 imgRight example In April 2006 we went to Costa Rica on honeymoon, We stayed there for 25 days and took a long trip around the country. We went to San Jose, Fortuna, Liberia, Monteverde, El Sur, Manuel Antonio, Corcovado, Chirripo, Turrialba, Tortuguero and Puerto Viejo. We went to volcano park Arenal, Paos and Rincon de la Vieja and national parks Monteverde, El Sur, Manuel Antonio, Corvocado, Tortuguero and visited some refugio’s. We did a rafting trip at Turrialba, one of the best rafting spots on earth. The wildlife in Costa Rica is impressive as you can see on the pictures.

Our wedding, 14 April 2006 imgLeft example These are pictures of our wedding on the 14th of April 2006.

Mexico 2005 imgRight example These are pictures of our holiday in Mexico in October 2005, we took a journey by car in the Yucatan, Quantana Roo, Tabasco and Chipias area for two weeks in Mexico. We have visited the archeological sites Chichen Itza, Uxmal, the Puuc Area and the Palenque ruins. We have stayed in some typical colonial cities like Merida, Campache, Chiapa de Corzo and San Cristobal de las Casas and visit the San Juan Chamula and Zinacantan Indians community. Trips to waterfalls and rainforests were also included. It was a pitty that we have to quit our holliday because of the hurricane Wilma.

Bruilof Stef & Claire, 2005 imgLeft example On June 2005 we went to France for a weekend to visit the wedding of Stef and Claire. Here you can see some pictures of the weekend, with thanks to Fabian who made almost all of the pictures.

Hongarije 2005 imgRight example These are also pictures of our yearly football weekend with the lads to Budapes, may 2005. After paying in Manchester, Belfast and Edinburgh we went to Hungary to play our 4th international game. We played against Balatonszabadi s.e. and were invited by Otty to taste the typical Hungary goulash and wine on the vineyard. We also visit the citadel of Buda and did a boat trip on the Donau.

De Beurs 2005 imgLeft example On March 2005, a gig with our band in the famous local pub "De Beurs" or for the lads, "The little wallet" in Hillegom City. It was quite fun that night as you can see on the pictures. There was absolutely no space left in the pub, so our next gig will probably be in Ahoy or some bigger stage. We played covers from the Rolling Stones, CCR, Van Morrison, REM, The Beatles, The Pogues, The Smallfaces and much more. We even played Dracula from ZZ and the maskers when the little guys left the building, this is a really scary song about dinner with the vampire.

Oostenrijk, Ladis 2005 imgRight example These are the pictures of out yearly trip skiing trip into the Austria mountains, year 2005. This time we went to Ladis and found some cool hats and a strange guy who puts the pub on fire.

Oostenrijk, Hinterglem 2004 imgLeft example These are the pictures of out yearly trip skiing trip into the Austria mountains, year 2004. This time we went to Hinterglem. As you can see, there is some kind of pattern in these holidays.

Schotland, Edinburgh 2004 imgRight example These are the pictures of our yearly football weekend with the lads, year 2004, Edinburgh. This time we payed in Belfast against the Irish. Is was a really though game and we got beaten up. We also went to the highlands to catch a glimpse of the monster of Lochness. As expected we didn't see the monster. Even after drinking the worst beer of my life, called "nessy" which is a local Lochness bear we were unable to spot it.

30 ste verjaardag, 2003 imgLeft example On November 2003, my brother in law and I gave a party at "Zomerzorg" to celebrate out 30th universary. On the picture you can see my brother in law. We also played a couple of songs with the band to get the crowd rolling.

Egypte, Hurghada 2003 imgRight example In October 2003 we went to Hurghada, Egypt, with Paling and Linda. We stayed there for 12 days and spend our time with snorkelling and scuba diving. We went to Cairo to see the pyramids and the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities, which houses over 120000 objects, including the mummies of Egyptian pharoahs, sarcophagi, sculptures, furniture and the treasures of the pharaoh Tutankhamun. We also went to Luxor (and Karnak) to visit the temples of Karnak and Luxor, the Hatshetsup temple, the Valley of the Kings and the Valley of the Queens.

30 ste verjaardag 2003 imgLeft example On August 2003, Chantal and Chantal, two girlfriends and also two nice looking ladies were celebrating their 30th anniversary. We, "Lans Unplugged featuring Nick and Peur" played there on non profit basis. It was our first two set gig and we had a bad timing with the alcohol. The second set was a bit “blur" after celebrating the first set. Peur nearly broke his leg because he thought he could jump of the stage. These times are over my friend. Chantal and Chantal are realy nice girls. We were promised a BBQ for the great performance but never got one. That's why we are looking for a manager.

Belgie, Ardennen 2003 imgRight example These are pictures of our weekend in La Roche July 2003, with my parents. We went to Rocheford to see the caves and we also visit the worlds smallest town called Durbry.

Maleisie, Lankawi 2003 imgLeft example These are pictures of our holiday on Langkawi in June 2003, a small tropical island at the west of Malaysia. We spend our time there with visits to Oriental Village, the local food marked. We did a trip to the mangrove forest and went for scuba diving at the Marine Park.

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